The Gallery is Back!! Posted by: N.M.E.
7-08-2009 23:58


So, the moment we have all been waiting for! The Photo Gallery has finally made a return.
Have a look around and tell me what you think. I found a cool flash based gallery to use, and I also knocked up a "lite" version, for those not using flash enabled browsers, or those who can't use flash at work.
Have a look and give me some feedback.

Also, IRC is back online (irc:// Come and chat with us on #cranksquad.


Back on the air Posted by: N.M.E.
27-05-2009 7:55


So after god knows how many months, I've finally moved the website to a server a little more reliable than the one sitting under my desk. It might take awhile before everything is back up and going, but I'm working on it.

The photo galleries should be back online, and I aim to make updating them my next task.

Next thing you know, we'll be getting IRC back :P That is all.


Quick Update Posted by: N.M.E.
27-12-2007 13:04


This is because I promised part 2 of the video, but never delivered! This time I was victorious! :P

Also find new photos in the Gallery! Photos from Pemberton, Bec and Ryan's wedding and Christmas 2007 have been added. Stay tuned for photos of the new bar once it's finished and photos from the NYE party! (See events page for more details).


Updates. Posted by: N.M.E.
12-06-2007 0:20


Hi gang. Sorry for the massive delay, but I have finally trolled through the many photos I've had sitting on my computer and I uploaded them all. Check out the galleries page...It goes back as far as the 90s party! That's how slack I've been. I've been working on a way to do it faster so I have less excuses.

Also, we have now actually implemented the beer pouring tradition for Essendon vs. West Coast games. Here's the evidence. Stay tuned for the next one in round 22! Enjoy;


The bar is open! Posted by: N.M.E.
11-12-2006 14:08


So the rennovations are finished and Big Al's is reopening! Come and join the festivities. Events page for details!


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