The 90's Party Posted by: N.M.E.
12-11-2006 0:16


Well it's finally that time! I imagine this one will go off just as well as the 80's party, if not better because of the hype from the first one :P Check the events page for more details and don't forget your costumes!! They better be good! Let's all do our best to ensure Ryan doesn't have the best one this time :P


Crank Squad TNG! Posted by: N.M.E.
21-09-2006 15:08


So "Crank Squad - The Next Generation" has officially started with Simon and Bec expecting the birth of a new baby girl!! She is currently expected to grace the world with her presence on the 11th of February 2007. Celebrations shall ensue! No we will not be hosting a 'coolest name' competition, but feel free to give suggestions. Decked out in CS gear she'll be the coolest kid on the block!


Congrats to Ryan and Bec! Posted by: N.M.E.
22-08-2006 15:59


A big congratulations from all of us to Ryan and Bec on your recent engagement!! We are all very excited and look forward to the plans for the big day developing..And of course the big day itself!


Camera found! Posted by: N.M.E.
18-06-2006 21:21


So I was outside today and I noticed this plastic flower in the garden near my lemon tree. As I went to remove said plastic flower, I came across my camera! So it spent about 3 weeks in the grass and still manages to work. Great! So I've taken the photos from it and placed them in the gallery. Also, Josh sent me a link with photos from his camera at the Speakeasy. You can see them all -here-.


Simon's Speakeasy Posted by: N.M.E.
10-06-2006 18:02


Hey! So I have uploaded the page with photos and other tidbits from my 25th. You may find it -here-. Despite the loss of my camera there were still a fair amount of good photos, so enjoy! Also I have updated the profiles page with newer photos and added the guys who I hadn't got around to adding. That is all!


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