Fairbridge Shrine! Posted by: N.M.E.
16-05-2006 23:19


Not too much in the way of updates this time. The Fairbridge photo galleries are online and I have made a little Fairbridge 2006 Shrine where I can keep everything together and we can add anything that anyone else has to it nice and easily.

Click here to see it.


Fairbridge 2006 Posted by: N.M.E.
26-04-2006 18:48


So it's all over for another year! Personally I felt that this year was really really good. Maybe it was because we took the time to go and see more concerts than normal and not just spend the weekend boozing away (well we did that too :P). Once I gather all the photos and peoples thoughts and what-not, I'll do up a section for it. I'd like to write a bit of a speel containing my thoughts and criticisms. Until then, folk on!


Natures Fury Posted by: N.M.E.
21-03-2006 10:19


Firstly, Welcome back :P The downtime was a lot less than I had anticipated which is good. Now everything should be faster and run smoother.

So anyway. We recieved an email from friends of ours in Townsville who witnessed some of the wrath Cyclone Larry had to offer. I copy of this epic tale can he found -here-.

In other news, Rob has safely touched down in sunny England. At present, a log of his exploits can be found -here-. Make sure you leave him a comment!

That's all for now.


Downtime Posted by: N.M.E.
6-03-2006 15:21


Well I'm about to change ISP's, so we can expect up to 3 weeks of downtime!! I know! It sucks! But after that has happened, everything will be much faster and nicer. I've done a lot of research on the pros and cons of this move and it seems as though I can iron out any of the cons. See you all then!


The LAN of Epic Proportions! Posted by: N.M.E.
24-02-2006 20:20


Well it's on now and it's on all weekend! If you aren't here for some reason, check out the details -here-. Check out our live webcams or come and talk with us on IRC or Ventrilo.


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