Fairbridge 2004 Posted by: N.M.E.
19-04-2004 12:33


Well we just back from Fairbridge Festival 2004. What an experience. I don't think my liver will forgive me. We had a very good time with a few interesting events taking place. The most interesting would be our attempt at making a large scale 'badger dance' happen. If you have no idea what I'm talking about check this out. We probably had about 20 or so people doing it. If it was a bit better organised, we may have been able to do it a venue. Now comes the production of the Fairbridge Project 2004 which should turn out quite interesting. No doubt there will be samples around here.

Check out the guestbook I have added to allow guests to have a say. We seem to be getting quite a few hits these days which is good.

Folk on ;)


Keg Party #2!! Posted by: N.M.E.
1-04-2004 23:14


Well tomorrow is the day! Ryans 21st and the 2nd official CS Keg Party. Hopefully this time we will get some good photos and stories to whack on here. I'll use this as an excuse to add the rest of the content as well. Getting there!


cranksquad.net - finally static! Posted by: N.M.E.
18-03-2004 11:04


Arachnet have increased their plans once again and now give us the option of cheap static IP's! I organised mine last night so we are up and good to go. No more running around like a headless chook everytime the link dies or I reboot the modem. No more 2 hour at-a-time downtimes! Hooray for slowly but ever increasing quality of Australian broadband!

We are still working on stuff. Forums are up and running. No sign up page yet - contact me for an account.


Nearly there! Posted by: N.M.E.
3-03-2004 20:38


The page is finally taking form. I nice, round..empty form. We are nearly ready for release! I'll probably spend about another day tidying up the forums, then we should be good.

I'm still in need of some content. I'll get started on that tomorrow and hopefully the rest of the gang will get something done for me aswell. It's a shame about A's camera...But I'll get into that in the 'gig' section.

Probably going to start with 3 forums. General, Comments/Suggestions and Gigs. No doubt we will add them to do with topics of interest. I think we'll wind up with a CRT forum.

All CS members will have access to post news here. Next time I see you, I'll set up your login.

Thats about it for now. Keep checking as it will take off eventually.


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